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The Institute for National Intelligence Strategy (iNIS) is an independent Institute responsible for providing intelligence to various customers, including private and public organizations.

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Institute for National Intelligence Strategy
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Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence Analysis: Mission-Driven-Solutions
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Intelligence Analysis

Welcome to the iNIS, where incomplete and sometimes contradictory information is transformed into unique insights that inform National&Corporate policy decisions. Members of the iNIS help you to provide timely, accurate, and objective all-source intelligence analysis on the full range of domestic and overseas intelligence issues. The various types of method apply to the complicated issues on business. This process is the main job of intelligence analysist, and hard working job. Since we have the plenty of experience on this area, you do not need to worry about the quality of result. However we do not stop developing the new model of intelligence analysis. We strongly believe that our mission is to creat the better analysis method which leads to evlovement of intelligence industry. New ideas will be welcomed by e-mail at any time.



    Intelligence Analysis :Domestic&Overseas
  • Producing the Intelligence Report
  • Verifying the reliability and credibility of Information
  • Testifying accuracy of Information
  • Auditing the information source
  • Policy making of dissemination of Intelligence